Lady Gaga Joins The Sailor Scouts In Jaw Dropping Sailor Moon Art

Sailor Moon is one of the most stylish anime series that has ever been created, and while a number [...]

Sailor Moon is one of the most stylish anime series that has ever been created, and while a number of celebrities live have aesthetics to match, perhaps no musician fits the bill to become a Sailor Scout than Lady Gaga. The musician started her career in 2008, beginning a journey in the world of music and even within Hollywood by becoming an actress in the critically received feature length film, A Star Is Born, and the spooky FX series, American Horror Story! Perhaps one day, she'll make the venture into anime and appear similarly to the artwork from this fan artist!

Sailor Moon's main anime series may have ended years ago, but the franchise has lived on in a number of different ways and across numerous other mediums. With live action stage plays, Universal Studios attractions, mobile games, and others, it's clear that the public is still looking for new avenues for the Sailor Scouts to make their presence known. In fact, this year, Sailor Moon will be arriving with an ice show that is called Sailor Moon: Prism On Ice. 2020 will also see a brand new animated film in the form of Sailor Moon Eternal!

Fan Artist Carlosgzz03 beautifully fused Lady Gaga with the Sailor Scouts by having the prolific singer gain the powers of the super powered teenager who put their abilities to good user fighting against a series of extraterrestrial threats:

Perhaps Lady Gaga's biggest "nerd-centric" role came in the form of Bertha from Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, the follow up to the popular stylized film that adapted the works of comic book legend Frank Miller! Since her introduction to the music scene, she's released numerous albums that have increased her fan base as well as making herself a household name across the world. With 2020 looking to be a big year for both the singer and the Sailor Moon franchise, they definitely appear to be a match made in heaven!

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