Shin Kamen Rider Drops First Teaser Trailer

The legendary anime director Hideaki Anno has recently brought the film series, Rebuild of Evangelion, to a close and the prolific creator is leaving behind the world of NERV for the time being to enter the world of "Shin". Having brought to life Shin Godzilla, the latest Japanese film that gave us a terrifying take on the lizard king, Anno is diving into new takes on Ultraman and Kamen Rider, with a new teaser trailer being revealed for the latter that will see Anno giving fans a new take on the Sentai fighter who first premiered in 1971.

The "Shin" title refers to a darker take on these unique properties, with Anno already giving a makeover to Godzilla and set to do the same to both Ultraman and Kamen Rider. With the former set to arrive later this year, this teaser trailer for Shin Kamen Rider is arriving a long time before the premiere of the film, with it slated to hit theaters in Japan in March of 2023. From the latest teaser trailer, it's apparent that Anno is attempting to capture the original style and aesthetic of the Sentai series that has long been a part of Japan's culture.

The Official Twitter Account for Kamen Rider shared the upcoming live-action film which Hideaki Anno will be bringing to life in 2023, with the teaser doing its best to recreate the original opening of the series and capture the aesthetic of the masked rider that has taken the world by storm for decades:

This actually won't be the first time that there has been a movie titled "Shin Kamen Rider", with Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue being released in 1992. Much like Shin Godzilla, this 90s movie was a re-imagining of the character which changed up the story astronomically while also giving us a version of the character that was far more terrifying than the monster fighter that many have come to know over the decades. While the upcoming Anno film's release date is quite far, Shin Ultraman will give us a better idea of how the upcoming iteration of the character will hit the big screen in theaters.

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