Splatoon 3 Sparks Manga's Return From Hiatus

Splatoon is back in the headlines these days, and we have the success of its latest entry to thank. Earlier this month, Nintendo welcomed the franchise's third title, and sales have put Splatoon on the map. And according to a new report, Coro Coro Comics has resumed publication of its Splatoon manga after a hiatus all thanks to this comeback.

The update comes from Shogakukan, the publisher behind the Splatoon manga. On September 15th, the series was brought back to life following its end last November. When the manga went on hiatus, it promised to return to Coro Coro Comics before too long, and it would do so with Splatoon 3 content in hand. And now, it seems that promise is being fulfilled.

If you did not realize Splatoon had a manga, the series is a rather popular one under Shogakukan. The series is penned by Sankichi Hinodeya and debuted in May 2015. The series originally began as a one-shot before Coro Coro Comics transformed it into a serialized title. And once Nintendo dated its release for Splatoon 3, fans knew it would not be long before the manga returned from hiatus.

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Of course, the game itself has already broken records upon its release. Not only did critics gift Splatoon 3 positive reviews, but it has made some very impressive sales. Nintendo has confirmed the game sold 3.45 million copies domestically within three days of launching. This record has made Splatoon 3 the fastest-selling video game of all time in Japan, and Nintendo shares jumped over 5% following its release. You can buy the game now digitally or physically for the Nintendo Switch.

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