Viral Spy x Family Cosplay Puts Hilarious New Spin on The Forger Family

Spy x Family is the anime hit of the spring season, with Loid, Yor, and Anya striking a chord amongst many anime fans thanks to their hilarious hijinks as they attempt to conceal their identities as a master spy, deadly assassin, and mind-reading telepath. With this year's Anime Expo, the series proved that there are plenty of fans out there, with two cosplayers taking the opportunity to put a hilarious spin on the mother and daughter of the Forger Family, which has since gone viral.

Anya and Yor have formed a strong bond since the Thorn Princess was chosen to be the wife of Loid, a necessity in the spy Twilight accomplishing his task to maintain the peace between two warring nations that are on the brink. With the young telepath knowing her mother's secret identity, thanks in part to her ability to read minds, Anya loves her new mother all the same. With Anya being accepted into the prestigious school known as Eden College, Yor has been far more focused on her part in the family than her duties as a world-class assassin through her training as a mercenary for hire still shines through regularly.

Twitter User Deb Aoki spotted these two hilarious cosplayers that shared a decidedly different look for both Anya and Yor, with the daughter of the Forger Family towering over their mother at this year's Anime Expo, helping the cosplay itself to go viral thanks to Spy x Family:

While Spy x Family will return this October via its anime adaptation, the manga series by Tatsuya Endo marches forward. With the mangaka not hinting at an end for the series, the anime adaptation from CloverWorks and Wit might still have several seasons ahead of it and maybe a movie or two. The series following the Forger Family has become the most-watched anime on air in Japan, with streaming services like Crunchyroll helping to bolster the series' popularity around the world. Needless to say, it looks as though Loid, Yor, and Anya have a bright future ahead of them, even with various challenges still coming their way.

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