Super Dragon Ball Heroes Cliffhanger Teases the Multiverse's Destruction

It goes without saying, but Super Dragon Ball Heroes is off-the-walls bizarre. The promotional [...]

It goes without saying, but Super Dragon Ball Heroes is off-the-walls bizarre. The promotional anime has brought one of Japan's top games to fans everywhere, and it is ready to delve into its craziest story yet. It turns out the multiverse is in danger of total annihilation, and fans can thank the one and only Fu for the grand scheme... that is, if he even comes close to pulling it off.

Recently, audiences were given a look at what Fu can do, and the villain has a new experiment in mind. Fans will remember the villain orchestrated Goku's fight on the Prison Planet but that was not the end of his madness. Now, it seems like Fu is using the multiverse like it were an insane battery, and he wants to use it on a... tree?

For those who have watched the episode, they will have seen the crazy imagine for themselves. At the end of the episode, fans watched as Universe 7 prepared to fight the Gods of Destruction who were warned about some untold danger. It turns out Fu is behind that feeling, and it is because he has planted some sort of life-tree in a parallel dimension that is sucking the energy from each universe out there.

dragon ball heroes multiverse

And yes, Goku, that does include Universe 7. If that isn't going to make the Saiyan fight, few things will if we're being honest.

At this point, Dragon Ball fans are not sure what the life-tree does or why it needs to be charged. It appears to be sucking cosmic energy from each universe, and that could explain why Beerus is so on edge. And if Fu plans on absorbing any of this energy for a power boost of his own, fans admit they're not sure how Goku could counter him then. He might have godly powers on his side, but there is only so much you could do against a man imbued with the power of a dozen universes.

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