Sword Art Online: 'Gun Gale Online' Shares New Key Visual

There are just a few months separating the world from a new Sword Art Online anime, and fans just [...]

There are just a few months separating the world from a new Sword Art Online anime, and fans just got a new look at it. A poster for Gun Gale Online's anime has hit the Internet, and it shows off all its heroes in their fiery shot.

The poster, which can be found below, highlights the four main heroes of Gun Gale Online. The spin-off will hit TV screens in April 2018 with Kohiruimaki Karen at the helm. The character, whose avatar is named LLENN, is the small girl dressed in all pink at the back. Despite being so tiny, LLENN looks ready to fire on her enemies, and her pink firearm looks as dangerous as any other.

The characters below LLENN are also important ones in the series. Most importantly, the girl on the right is named Pitohui. The character looks like the opposite of LLENN thanks to her tall frame and curvy body. She is one of the few female players in Gun Gale Online, and Pitohui becomes a close ally to LLENN once they meet.

If you are not familiar with Gun Gale Online, then you need to re-watch Sword Art Online's second season. The anime covered the new game way back when. The spin-off will follow Karen Kohiruimaki as the abnormally tall college student enters the world of Gun Gale Online. The player operates under the avatar Llenn, and the character's life gets turned around when she meets a player named Pitohui who convinces them to enter a tournament known as Squad Jam.

Fans first learned the spin-off series was getting its own anime last year. A-1 Pictures confirmed the title would be coming out in 2018, but it does not look like that studio is overseeing its production. New reports say Studio 3Hz of Flip Flappers and Princess Principal will be handling Gun Gale Online while A-1 Pictures works on its third season of Sword Art Online.

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