Sword Art Online Cosplay Highlights Kirito's Gun Gale Online Makeover

Sword Art Online has introduced a number of different looks for Kirito over the years, and now one [...]

Sword Art Online has introduced a number of different looks for Kirito over the years, and now one cosplay has highlighted his biggest makeover yet for Gun Gale Online. Following the debut of the anime's Aincrad arc, Reki Kawahara's light novel turned anime franchise began a number of major overhauls for each new arc. Each new arc of the series presented Kirito with several new challenges corresponding to all new environments and enemies, but one of the biggest shake ups came with the second season of the series with a much different virtual world than the ones prior.

Sword Art Online II introduced fans to the world of Gun Gale Online, a game that featured far different kinds of battles than the sword wielding fights we had seen in the first season. This also came with a brand new look for Kirito, and this look is the focus of artist @daaa.beano (who you can find more work from on Instagram here), who brought Kirito's official fem makeover with cosplay. Check it out below:

Sword Art Online's second season continued the trend of bringing Kirito into a whole new virtual world for each arc of the series. Each world was dramatically different from the one prior, and Gun Gale Online gave Kirito a major uphill battle as he not only had to adjust to a new kind of battle system (one where his usual sword skills did not translate well at first), but had to adjust to his new avatar. Thankfully he was introduced to Sinon, who became a key player through the rest of the franchise going forward.

This continued with the third season of the series. Although it started off with Kirito returning to Gun Gale Online for a brief battle, it suddenly went in a whole new direction as Kirito's life was upended in both the real and virtual worlds. Now fans are wondering what's next for Kirito and the rest of the Sword Art Online franchise following the massive Underworld arc in the third season.

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