Sword Art Online: Progressive Releases First Trailer

Sword Art Online is one of the most pivotal series to come from Japan as it helped overhaul the ever-growing isekai genre. Kirito and Asuna have enjoyed some crazy adventures over the years which have left fans stunned. Most recently, fans perked up after they learned a new project was being developed for the Sword Art Online series, and they can take a peek at it now. After all, the first trailer of Sword Art Online: Progressive is here, and it is certainly worth the wait!

You can check out the clip below as Aniplex JP shared the teaser earlier today. Fans such as SAO Wikia were quick to turn the teaser around in English, so you can check out a subbed version of the trailer.

As you can see, Sword Art Online: Progressive will take fans back a fair bit. In fact, the movie goes all the way back to the start as it follows Asuna's journey during the original series. Sword Art Online promises to fully flesh out the pacing and arcs that its first TV series couldn't years ago. And as you can see, Asuna looks just as determined as ever in this trailer.

Currently, there is little known about the breadth of Sword Art Online: Progressive. The movie will start adapting the manga from the very start, but there is a lot of ground to cover with this retelling. After all, the original anime cut up Kirito's dungeon crawling quite a bit, so there is a lot to explore in that right. And with Asuna heading up the charge, audiences hope this upcoming movie will spawn sequels following its 2021 premiere.


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