This Hilarious Pikachu Plush Shows The Pokemon In Real-Life

When it comes to Pokemon, there is one adorable creature who reigns supreme. There’s no denying [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, there is one adorable creature who reigns supreme. There's no denying that Pikachu is the franchise's biggest star as the electric-type Pokemon has become a worldwide star. In the world of anime and video games, the starter pocket monster exercises its popularity freely - but it looks like one Pikachu plushy did not quiet get that memo.

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Over on Twitter, the Pokemon fandom is buzzing about a photo of one rather out-of-shape Pikachu doll. Some poor retailer was spotted with a giant Pikachu blush on its shelf, but the usually cute monster is nowhere to be seen. Instead, a lazy blob of yellow fur has taken its place, and there is a look of sorrowful regret in its eyes.

Poor guy!

Social media has been quick to adopt the misfit toy, and fans have dubbed this Pokemon plush a real-life representation of the character. Rather than doing battles or saving Ash Ketchum, Pikachu has given up his tiresome pursuits and given into a life of berry gorging. Some fans have started to liken the Pokemon to Jabba the Hutt of Star Wars, but don't worry. It doesn't look like the red-cheeked creature will be blessed with Snorlax's physique anytime soon.

If you look at the actual Pokemon item, fans can see that it is simply a pillow that's just been horribly placed. There's no doubt the oversized pillow would be comfy to sleep with, but it is also worth a few jokes.

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Pikachu is not the only Pokemon star to have let itself go recently. Not long ago, fans learned that Ash Ketchum had started skipping leg and arm day in the new anime Pokemon Sun and Moon. The series totally robs Ash of the insane strength he's shown in previous series to make him far less cartoonish. In a recent episode of the anime, Ash struggled to left up a log blocking a local road, and the character would not even make one budge. Clearly, that is a far cry from the days when Ash could deadlift Pokemon which weighed hundreds of pounds.

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