This Magazine's 'Pokemon: The Movie' Synopsis Is Hilariously Disturbing

The original Pokémon movie is one of the most iconic films for anime fans, an entire generation [...]

The original Pokémon movie is one of the most iconic films for anime fans, an entire generation is taken back to when they were kids watching the film and probably still loving it just as much. However, was the film just a little darker than we initially remember? Some people are looking at the Pokémon film a little differently than most, with NEO Magazine being one of the ones who has discovered the dark truth about Pokémon.


As you can see in the films hilarious but disturbing description, the dark nature of the film and the animated TV show is all falling into place. I mean think about it, NEO Magazine isn't wrong. The series is technically about humans looking for dangerous animals and then enslaving them, before forcing them to injure other dangerous animals so that you can enslave them too.

Yes, this is a very violent world that children have been exposed to and the worst part is, we never even noticed. The legendary 2000 film was no different either but in reality, this revelation probably won't stop us looking back at the great memories Pokémon gave us. In addition, the franchise is still going strong, with the series releasing the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime and is still proving fans with a number of great games.

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(Photo: Pokémon Animation Studio)

The Pokémon franchise was created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri and since it was released the series inspired several animated films, an animated television series and a plethora of video games. The franchise is currently in its seventh generation, with there now being thousands of Pokémon for Ash (the main character of the series) to catch, train and compete with in order for him to be the very best, like no one ever was…….