'Tokyo Ghoul:re' Anime Shares Official Character Bios

There are only a few months standing between anime fans and the latest season of Tokyo Ghoul. This [...]

There are only a few months standing between anime fans and the latest season of Tokyo Ghoul. This April, the franchise will return and hopefully redeem itself after its controversial release of Tokyo Ghoul Root A rubbed audiences the wrong way. Season three will finally adapt Sui Ishida's on-going Tokyo Ghoul:re manga, giving fans a look at its eclectic characters.

So, if you need an overview of who's who in the series, there is no need to worry. The folks behind the franchise sha released official character descriptions for Tokyo Ghoul:re and its protagonists (Honey Anime). You can check them out below:

Haise Sasaki: Haise is the strongest CCG Special Ghoul Investigator who is the mentor of the Quinx Squad which was created to create Ghoul Investigators that could surpass Kishou Arima. He works together with the Quinx squad members in their duties and daily life and diligently gives them guidance, but these problem children just give him the runaround. Haise has a gentle personality, possesses excellent manners, and has a strong sense of responsibility. Haise has lost his memories of the past 20 years and thinks of his superiors Akira Mado and Kishou Arima as if they are his parents.

Kuki Urie: Kuki is the leader of the Quinx Squad and was a scholarship student at the academy enabling him to skip grades and graduate. He has sharp observation skills and a superior combat sense. He has no sense of cooperation, but rather prefers to act alone while looking down on his fellow squad members. He rarely expresses emotions but he does get doubly jealous of things. Kuki's father is the Special Class Investigator who was killed in duty fighting against the One-Eyed Owl. In order to carry out his plans for revenge, he is fixated on being promoted to the unit his father used to belong to: the S3 Squad.

Ginshi Shirazu: Ginshi is a young man whose characteristic feature is his shark-like teeth. He has a fixation on cash for a certain reason, and has agreed to join the Quinx for the reward for a medical procedure. He has a simple, honest personality and when he is entrusted with things, he is the unexpectedly hard-working type. Beyond his delinquent-looking exterior and his rude speech and actions, is a Ginshi who is thoughtful of his other members. Kuki is his complete opposite and the two are not able to cooperate together, quarreling often.

Tooru Mutsuki: Tooru is a Ghoul Investigator who adoringly calls Haise "sensei." In the past, both of his parents were killed by Ghouls and he was subsequently raised by the academy. Tooru is serious, a bit introverted, and hates the sight of blood. Even though he undertakes each investigation seriously, he frequently cannot manage to make them succeed. After undergoing the Quinx medical procedures, his muscles and agility did not appear to increase at all compared to the other members of the squad. This then leads others to view him as being in an immature state. Due to the influence of the procedures though, he now habitually has his right eye covered with an eyepatch. Of all of the members in the Quinx Squad, he has the lowest count of Rc cells, cells found in large numbers within the bodies of ghouls, and he cannot even release his Kakugan.

Saiko Yonebayashi: Saiko is a NEET Ghoul Investigator who lives her life free of worldly cares by being a hikikomori (shut-in) in the room that she was given. She boasts that she is the creme de la creme in aptitude among her group thanks to the Quinx medical treatments, but because she originally had no plans to become a Ghoul Investigator, she lacks motivation. She is terrible at time management, and even the group leader Kuki has given up on trying to force her to participate in investigative work. Her hobbies include anime, games, manga, and collecting figures among others. She is concerned about her pudgy disposition.

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