Tower of God Creator Draws Comic Celebrating Season One's Finale

Tower of God is one of the first Korean manhwa to be turned into an anime, and the test went [...]

Tower of God is one of the first Korean manhwa to be turned into an anime, and the test went without a hitch. The Webtoon x Crunchyroll production has been a hit with fans since episode one. Of course, all seasons have to come to an end, and that time has come for Tower of God. But before that happens, the creator of the hit manhwa has a message to share with fans thanks to a lil' comic.

Recently, Webtoon hit up fans on Twitter with a post about the final episode of Tower of God season one. The episode went live today on Crunchyroll is you are ready to watch, and it is packed with action and cliffhanging teases. SIU, the creator of the manhwa, drew a comic to honor the finale... and it is a true work of art.

"Thank you for watching Tower of God on Crunchyroll. I hope it was a pleasant journey. You can continue following Bam's adventures on Webtoon right now. I hope that we can meet again someday! Thank you," the artist said at the end of the comic which can be seen below.

"I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped produce this anime and to the many readers who have dreamed of TOG becoming an anime over the past 10 years. I hope it was a dream come true for all of you."

As you can tell, the comic is a cheeky one that follows Khun as they share their thoughts on the finale. The comic even touches upon the new character introduced in the finale who readers of Tower of God know very well. Clearly, SIU is having fun teasing fans just as much as the final episode did, but there is good news for fans needing answers. After all, Tower of God is available to read on Webtoon right now, so fans can check it out if the wait for a much-wanted season two lasts awhile.

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