Tower of God Finale Promo Drops Big Season 2 Teaser

Tower of God is heading for its final episode, and fans have plenty to say about the show's run so [...]

Tower of God is heading for its final episode, and fans have plenty to say about the show's run so far. The impressive series has shown how well Korean manhwa translates into anime, and there is more of that to come. After all, there is one more episode left of season one, and it turns out the first promos for the finale tease the arrival of season two.

The team behind Tower of God released its first details about episode 13 earlier this week. The dump comes ahead of the finale's debut, and it contains a short synopsis for the finale. The blurb is vague, but it does put particular emphasis on Rachel and Baam.

A slew of preview images was also released, and they tell their own story. In one of the pictures, fans can find Rachel sitting against an ornate chair, and she is speaking with another figure in a second photo. As for Baam, the boy appears to be drifting in and out consciousness in his shot. The other stills focus on other participants trying to climb the damnable tower, but the final image is what has fans freaking out.

tower of god anime 9.42.23 AM
(Photo: Telecom Animation Film)

The picture would not be recognizable to anime-only fans, but the character is hard to mistake if you have read the webcomic. The figure's outfit and long hair all suggest that Viole will appear in this final episode. Of course, this is a big deal as Viole is a fan-favorite character who appears after Baam is modeled by the Mirror of the Past. Readers will know that Viole was created to be Baam's Sworn Enemy, so the pair are not exactly on the same side. But given when Viole shows up in the manhwa, fans are all but convinced this teaser image sets up what is to come in Tower of God season two should it get announced.

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