Bleach Star Joins Tower of God English Dub Cast

One of the most popular anime series that debuted recently is the Crunchyroll Original series that is Tower of God and it seems as if an anime veteran who brought one of the biggest protagonists of the Bleach series will be bringing Bam to life via the upcoming English Dub. Johnny Young Bosch has had a serious big career in the world of voice acting, bringing to life some of the most legendary characters from some of the most popular anime franchises that have debuted over the past decades and will be lending his style to the latest series.

Johnny Young Bosch originally made a name for himself as the Black Ranger on the sentai series of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Following his tenure of the live action television series, Bosch made a name for himself in anime by voice acting his way into some of the most noteworthy anime around. A number of big anime series that Bosch has lent his voice to include My Hero Academia, Trigun, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball Super, and Digimon to name a few. AS the new English voice for Bam, Bosch will be taking center stage in this unique anime that shows the hero ascending up a tower and battling powerful threats!

Crunchyroll made the official announcement via a press release that Johnny Young Bosch would be lending his voice to the world of Tower Of God, bringing to life "Twenty Fifth Bam" who acts as the protagonist for the series who is attempting to ascend the tower to find his best friend Rachel!

TOG VAs - Bam 16x9
(Photo: Crunchyroll)

Tower of God and Bleach actually have more in common than simply sharing the same English voice actor for their protagonists in Bam and Ichigo Kurasaki as both characters themselves share a similar bond. The anime character creator, Masashi Kudo, was responsible for the designs of both Bam and Ichigo, clearly showing that the creator had the ability to create unique new character designs for these extremely different worlds!


With Bosch being an anime veteran when it comes to the countless characters he's portrayed over the years, Tower of God fans should be rest assured that the character of Bam is in good hands!

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