Ultra Instinct Luffy Is Bringing 'One Piece' & 'Dragon Ball' Fans Together

Dragon Ball Super has fans buzzing about Goku’s impressive new form, and the anime’s roots [...]

Dragon Ball Super has fans buzzing about Goku's impressive new form, and the anime's roots with Toei Animation just opened the show up to one interesting crossover. Over on Reddit, a piece of fan-art imagining One Piece's Luffy in the Ultra Instinct state is taking over, and fans aren't sure which hero they should thank for the power-up.

As you can see below, user /CM_Renji tried his hand at mashing up Dragon Ball Super with One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy can be seen standing ready for battle with his straw hat draped over his shoulders. With his chest bared, the hero looks very much like Ultra Instinct Goku since his eyes are colored silver. The captain is seen with a white-blur aura around him which Goku originated.

Of course, the idea of Luffy actually using Ultra Instinct is a silly one. The pirate is in no way connected to the Dragon Ball universe, and Luffy is more of a haki user than ki. While anyone strong enough in Dragon Ball can use Ultra Instinct, Luffy isn't able to utilize the state because of his disconnect to Akira Toriyama's series.

Ultra Instinct Luffy! (Edit) from OnePiece

However, that does not mean Luffy cannot do the things Ultra Instinct lets Goku do.

As fans of One Piece will recall, Luffy has a power that is similar to Goku's Ultra Instinct. The technique is not a flashy one, but it does come in handy against guys like Enel. Gomu Gomu no Boh is a move Luffy can use that helps him avoid his opponent's attacks on instinct alone. The technique makes Luffy immune to any mind-reading tricks, but it also comes at a disadvantage. Luffy cannot control himself in the state, so counter-attacks and strategies are bust with his Gomu Gomu classic.

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