Vegeta & Trunk's Fusion Is Unsurprisingly Awesome

Over the years there have been a number of fusions in the Dragon Ball franchise, with Goten and [...]

Over the years there have been a number of fusions in the Dragon Ball franchise, with Goten and Trunks creating Gotenks, as well as Vegeta and Goku creating Vegito and Gogeta. However, fans have never seen a transformation between father and son. During the Buu saga fans almost got to see Gohan and Goku fuse, however, things didn't go to plan and Goku ended up fusing with Vegeta instead.

In the past many fans wondered what would have happened had Goku and Gohan fused, apart from the terrible memories of Gohan being conceived rushing to the new warriors head. However, there is another father and son combination that could also be quite dangerous.


Imagine if the prince of all Saiyan's and his son in Trunks were forced to fuse. Yes, this new warrior would also have traumatic memories from both Trunks and Vegeta, which both should never see but the power from the two would be incredible! On this Japanese chip packet that shows a number of warriors, including Buu, Piccolo, Goku, Gohan, Gotenks and the fusion of Trunks and Vegeta.

The fusion itself looks pretty awesome and the combination of power would be incredible. It makes you wonder who would be stronger, Vegeta and Trunks fused together or Gohan and Goku fused together? If the four were to fuse and then fight against each other, that would make for an incredible fight. Maybe one day in Dragon Ball Super fans might get to see this Vegeta and Trunks fusion animated, with there surely being an opportunity for this to happen at some point.

vegeta and trunks
(Photo: Toei Animation)

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