Watch Bernie Sanders Stumble Into An Anime Cosplay Battle

Anime fans, you’re going to be sad Bernie Sanders lost out on the presidency if you weren’t [...]

Anime fans, you're going to be sad Bernie Sanders lost out on the presidency if you weren't already. The presidential election dominated airwaves last year, and the political landscape continues to pitch up controversial headlines daily. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to garner the most chatter online, but one hopeful candidate just found himself in the news for a rather interesting reason.

Bernie Sanders may be keeping his head down to focus on politics these days, but that doesn't mean he can't take time to nerd out. The Internet recently caught wind Sanders was spotted at an anime convention, and plenty of fans are now wondering whether the democrat is a full-on otaku.

Last weekend, the anime community gathered in Massachusetts to celebrate all things Japan. Anime Boston got underway at the Hynes Convention Center, and it was there that fans noticed Sanders was occasionally spotted amongst them. Several viral photos of Sanders were posted online which showed the politician observing a cosplay battle featuring a furry.

According to the Boston Globe, a man named Quincy was posing for a photo in a cosplay battle. The fan, who was dressed in his furry attire, was preparing to blast a kamehameha attack from the Dragon Ball Z anime. However, Steve noticed an elderly gentleman walking up to the scene, and he was stunned to see that it was Sanders.

"Only when he was kind of walking away did it kind of catch my eye, and I looked at my girlfriend, and she was also in costume, and she was like, 'You know who that was, right?' And I was like, 'Was that Bernie Sanders?'"

The fan went on to say that Sanders did not stick around for long, but he did seem amused by the sight. "He didn't have a big reaction to it or anything," Steven recalled. "He kind of smiled — you can see him smiling a little bit in the picture."

Later on, Sanders was then seen walking about the hotel where he crowded alongside a group of cosplayers wearing white wigs.

Of course, Sanders was not in the cit to attend Anime Boston. The politician was brought north for a series of sold-out events, rallies, and speaking engagements.

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