Dragon Ball English Sub Rejoins Hulu

It isn't always easy finding a place to watch Dragon Ball. There are sites like Funimation and [...]

It isn't always easy finding a place to watch Dragon Ball. There are sites like Funimation and Crunchyroll who are ready to bring Goku to life, but more casual services can be hit or miss. That is why fans were upset some time ago when Dragon Ball fell off Hulu, but the old-school series has finally been brought back at last!

It wasn't long ago that Toei Animation made the announcement about Dragon Ball. The company took to Twitter to inform fans that the show's English sub has been brought back to Hulu.

"Go back to the beginning. Strap in and binge the entire series of #DragonBall! Now available to watch anytime on Hulu in ENG SUB," the message reads.

For those of you totally unfamiliar with the anime, you have done a great job at avoiding the medium. Dragon Ball is one of the biggest series to come from Japan, and it has amassed an army of fans the world round.

It follows the story of a boy named Goku who was found by an old man in the wilderness. The kid bumped his head hard enough to wipe his memories, leaving the old grandpa to raise Goku himself. As the show continues, Goku is introduced to the Dragon Balls, a set of spheres scattered across Earth which can grant wishes when collected. And with his new friends, Goku goes to gather the items all while training in martial arts and saving the world from threats like the Red Ribbon Army.

Now, you can catch up on the original Dragon Ball series if you have an account with Hulu. There is no word on whether the English dub will ever join the site, but you can listen to the audio if you have a subscription with Funimation. Most recently, the company finished dubbing Dragon Ball Super as well as Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

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