Taejin: Legend of the Yang Metal Reveals First Look (Exclusive)

Taejin: Legend of Yang Metal will debut on May 23rd.

When it comes to online comics and manga, there are few better places to feed your obsession than Webtoon. The service hosts some of the biggest titles in the game, and now, Webtoon is gearing up to release a special new series. Taejin: Legend of Yang Metal is on the horizon courtesy of creator Kevin Kreider, and we've got an exclusive first look at the series to share.

As you can see below, Taejin: Legend of Yang Metal promises to be another exciting hit for Webtoon. With art by Razz and writing by Nina Gee, the exclusive series will follow the story of a rebellious teen named Taejin Choi. After pawning off a mysterious heirloom, Choi's life turns upside down as he awakens a strange power known as Yang Metal. The comic, which is heavily inspired by the Chinese astrological sysmte Bazi, will put a new spin on the superhero tropes fans have come to know so well.

(Photo: Webtoon)

The 50-episode series will debut on May 23rd in the United States only on Webtoon. Taejin: Legend of Yang Metal will launch with three episodes to start, and from there, new episodes will go live every Friday.

"Creating my own take on the classic superhero has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I have been a fan of the genre for years, and to now have the opportunity to bring this new series to life with Razz, Nina, and our partners at WEBTOON has been thrilling," Kreider shared in a new statement about the upcoming comic.

"It was important to me to continue to expand Asian representation in entertainment and to spotlight that our identities are our special superpowers, and I can't wait for readers to meet Taejin."

(Photo: Webtoon)
(Photo: Webtoon)

Beyond Taejin: Legend of Yang Metal, Webtoon has a slew of hits available to on its app. From Lore Olympus to unOrdinary and more, Webtoon has something for everyone, and soon Taejin: Legend of Yang Metal will join the ranks of its top action series. 

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