Retro 'Weekly Shonen Jump' Games Getting Throwback Gaming Console

Shueisha is currently celebrating the 50th Anniversary of their Weekly Shonen Jump magazine this [...]

Shueisha is currently celebrating the 50th Anniversary of their Weekly Shonen Jump magazine this year (which includes favorites like Dragon Ball and One Piece) in a huge way, and there's no sign of stopping.

Especially when it comes to their latest offering, a classic Famicom console featuring classic games based on Shonen Jump series. Dubbed the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Version, the console features 20 built in games and will launch July 7 in Japan for 7,980 yen (about $73 USD).

To celebrate the announcement, Nintendo of Japan released a full overview trailer detailing the games in the cool package. The full list of included franchises and games is below, and you can find more info at the official site (which you can find at the link here).

  • Captain Tsubasa
    • Captain Tsubasa
    • Captain Tsubasa 2
  • Dragon Ball
    • Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden
    • Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiyajin
    • Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo
  • Dragon Quest
    • Dragon Quest
  • Famicom Jump
    • Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden
    • Famicom Jump II: Saikyou no Shichinin
  • Fist of the North Star
    • Hokuto no Ken
    • Hokuto no Ken 3: Shin Seiki Souzou Seiken Restuden
  • Kinnikuman
    • Kinnikuman: Kinnikusei Oui Soudatsusen
    • Tag Team Match: Muscle
  • Saint Seiya
    • Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu
    • Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsuhen
  • Others
    • Ankoku Shinwa: Yamato Takeru Densetsu
    • Destiny of an Emperor
    • Magical Taruruuto-kun: Fantastic World!!
    • Rokudenashi Blues
    • Sakigake!! Otokojuku Shippuu Ichi Gou Sei
    • Sekiryuuou

Shueisha is also celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump with a three-part exhibit debuting at Roppongi Hills Complex's Tokyo Mori Arts Center Gallery March 19 under the name of "Sokan 50 Shunen Kinen Shukan Shonen Jump-ten Vol. 2 1990 Nendai, Hakko Busu 653-Man-bu no Shogeki" which roughly translates to "50th Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump's First Issue Exhibition Vol. 2: 1990s, Impact of 6.53 Million Copies in Print." The exhibit will run until June 19 and celebrates such properties of the 90s like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Slam Dunk.

This exhibit is the second of a three-part exhibition. The first part is titled "Sōkan 50 Shūnen Kinen Shukan Shonen Jump-ten Vol. 1 Sōkan~1980 Nendai, Densetsu no Hajimari, which roughly translates to 50th Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump's First Issue Exhibition Vol. 1: First Issue-1980s, Beginning of the Legend. This exhibit will cover the magazine's history from its first issue to popular series of the 1980s like Dr. Slump, Hokuto no Ken, and Mazinger Z.

The third exhibit starts July 17 in Japan and runs until September 30. The third phase of their major exhibit will celebrate series which made their mark or had a substantial run in the 2000s such as Bleach, Naruto, Haikyu!!, Gintama, Eyeshield 21, The Prince of Tennis, Hunter x Hunter, Assassination Classroom, Hikaru no Go, D. Gray Man, Death Note and more.

Finally, Shueisha has teamed with clothing store chain Uniqlo for an awesome like of shirts featuring the characters from many of its famous Shonen Jump series.

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