New Yu-Gi-Oh Clip Shows Why It Needs a VR Game Now

Yu-Gi-Oh fans want little more in this world than to duel, but it can be hard getting into the [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh fans want little more in this world than to duel, but it can be hard getting into the game. The trading card arena can be daunting, so many try to tough out Duel Monsters through video games. These console titles are fine, but fans have long wondered why a virtual reality title has never been put out for the anime. But thanks to a new video, fans of Yu-Gi-Oh are ready to known down Konami's door if it means getting a VR game.

The video made its debut on Reddit thanks to the user SwitchelSta3. The user is part of the group working on Duel Monsters VR, an unofficial game based on Yu-Gi-Oh and its infamous game. The fan shared a clip of the VR game in action, and fans were quick to flood the post with pleas for an official game like this.

You can see why the game is so hot with fans even just a minute into the clip. The VR set up allows gamers to take the place of Yugi Muto or their favorite duelist. With a Duel Disk in hand, the game allows players to use pre-made virtual decks to play against an opponent. Whether a CPU or a friend, Duel Monsters VR lets you duke out Life Points in real time as VR monsters appear before your eyes as you play cards.

Summoning Stardust Dragon in Yugioh VR! from r/yugioh

And if that doesn't sound like it could blow Pokemon Go out of the water, then no VR game could. It's Yu-Gi-Oh or bust, guys.

According to the poster, this demo can be played right now using a VR headset or a normal PC rig. "We have various decks all the way up to the Xyz Era and we have various Dueling Formats for you to try out! You can even play this game if you don't have a VR Headset, you can use a Keyboard and Mouse as well," the fan shared.

Before long, the game will get official support on the Oculus Quest. This version will allow up to 100 people to duel at once which gives even more gamers the chance to play Duel Monsters VR. And if Konami knows what's good, it will invest in a title like this before too long!

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