Yu-Gi-Oh Fans Band Together with New Anime Pitch

When you talk about the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, there are some things you have to mention. Of course, Yugi and the gang remain the show's originals, but a slew of duelists have come forward in recent years to take the spotlight. Even still, there are some Yu-Gi-OhGi-Oh fans who aren't happy about the show, and they would love to see a new kind of series hit the small screen.

The whole pitch began online thanks to one fan on Reddit. The user WorriedStudent8470 made a plea with fans about an anime they would love to see, and it turns out other Yu-Gi-Oh fans want in on the action.

As for the pitch, it has everything to do with the Duel Monsters cards. The anime tends to follow human duelists who use the game to challenge themselves, but fans want to flip things around. This new pitch wants a show to tell the story behind Yu-Gi-Oh's famous cards, and we cannot blame them.

After all, Yu-Gi-Oh has some excellent cards, and the anime's master guides have even mapped out some of their stories. A short anthology anime could easily bring their stories to life. Pokemon has explored these side stories with anthologies, and Yu-Gi-Oh could do the same.

Now, when it comes to storylines, there are plenty of good ones to pick. Yu-Gi-Oh has not made much of its lore explicit, but some can be sussed out. For instance, Sangan has quite the lore, and Tales of the Noble Knights is high on that list. For me, an anime adaptation of the Dark Ruler Ha Des would be deliciously dark, and I'm partial to the Goblin of Greed. So if you haven't shown support for this pitch, now is the time to craft your own spiel.

What do you think of this story pitch? Would you like to see Yu-Gi-Oh tackle this kind of story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.