Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Channels Studio Ghibli with New Dark Magician Art

The creator of Yu-Gi-Oh is an Instagram fiend, so it shouldn't surprise fans to know the artist hit up followers with a drawing of the Dark Magician Girl as of late. Kazuki Takahashi has been posting frequently on social media to stay in touch with fans amidst the ongoing pandemic. And after a slew of posts went live, Takahashi decided it was time he drew up the Dark Magician Girl rather than her male counterpart.

"I feel like I'm only drawing men, but sometimes [my art] looks like this," Takahashi told his fans. The caption on the post points out how focused the Yu-Gi-Oh creator has been on his heroes as of late. This one-track mind kept him from drawing any of his franchise's fav ladies, so Dark Magician Girl is the first step in making amends for the oversight.

You can see the drawing down below, and it serves as a reminder toYu-Gi-Oh fans that Takahashi still has it. The artist may not have much on his plate nowadays, but he has not lost his knack for colorful artwork. This piece of the Dark Magician Girl is saturated in the best way, and fans are loving the special gift.

This cute artwork finds the girl flying atop her magical staff as if it were some sort of witch's broom. The Dark Magician Girl looks the same as always with her blue-and-pink outfit on, but her windswept expression is new and super cute. It is always nice to see the Dark Magician Girl outside the turns of a duel, and it turns out the heroine likes to take trips on her scepter whenever given the chance... Maybe it is time Takahashi looked into founding the Magician Girl's Delivery Service?

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