Digimon Meets Yu-Gi-Oh with This Dark Magician Mash Up

Yu-Gi-Oh fans know a thing or two about the Dark Magician, but the DigiDestined aren't in the know. The kids who entered the Digital World came close with their introduction to Wizardmon when the monster showed up in Digimon, and he has been a fav with them ever since. And thanks to a new piece of fan-art, netizens can imagine what might happen if the two magical monsters were to ever meet.

The artwork comes courtesy of Reddit user aminomilos. The artist decided to mash up Wizardmon with the Dark Magician in a truly stunning crossover. The piece imagines how the mages would coexist as a fusion of sorts, and Yu-Gi-Oh fans are sure the DigiDestined would be happy to partner with a monster like this.

As you can see below, the artwork takes the basic frame of the Dark Magician and alters the fusion from there. The Duel Monster still has on his trademark hat, armor, and robe with scepter in tow. What is different is the coloration of the monster as the Dark Magician isn't dressed quite as gothic.

FUSION - Dark Magician and Wizarmon from r/yugioh

Gone are the deep purple tones as Wizardmon brings his blue garb to the mix. The wizard's hat is affixed with a skull much like the Digimon, and he has on his usual cape. As for the fusion's under armor, Wizardmon's baggy clothes have been tightened up into a bodysuit of sorts, and it has all the creepy patterns on it like before.


Then final touch comes with the fusion's exposed face. Much of it is covered by a mask a la Wizardmon, and what can be seen is also based on the digital monster. The creature has light hair and blue eyes like Wizardmon, but his features all belong to Yugi Muto's go-to Duel Monster.

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