The Riddler Just Got a Costume Right Out of a Batman Movie

The Designer may be the latest villain that the Dark Knight is having to deal with on the pages of [...]

The Designer may be the latest villain that the Dark Knight is having to deal with on the pages of James Tynion IV's Batman, but while the mysterious figure has his own grand design for Gotham he's not the only villain in the mix. As Catwoman herself revealed previously the Designer and his plan is deeply entangled with the plans of not just Catwoman from years ago, but those of the Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler as well. And in the most recent issue, Batman #91, while it's the Designer who takes center stage, the Riddler is present as well -- complete with a new costume that looks like it was lifted right out of the movies.

Spoilers for Batman #91 below.

In Batman #91, Batman fights with Deathstroke, though soon enough they are descended upon by a "Jokerized" police force thanks to the machinations of the Designer. The mysterious villain taunts Batman on various video displays through Gotham City but when Batman demands that the Designer face him, a figure behind this master villain declares that it wouldn't be fair as he has not yet had his turn. That voice belongs to none other than Edward Nigma, the Riddler. He emerges from the Designer's shadow looking, well, deranged, but he's also dressed in something other than his more familiar green suit with purple accents. Instead, he's wearing what appears to be some sort of green bodysuit covered in black question marks.

If that description sounds familiar, you're probably thinking about the one-piece bodysuit style costume worn by Jim Carrey in the 1995 film Batman Forever. In fact, the Riddler's appearance in Batman #91 is reminiscent of Carrey's Riddler in a number of ways beyond the suit, the wide, toothy grin on the villain's face being one of them. Check it out for yourself below.

batman 91 riddler costume
(Photo: DC Comics)

Now, why the costume change? That's not yet clear. What is clear, though, is that the Designer has been carrying out the ultimate plans of each of the villains who he met with years ago. We've already seen Penguin's master plan -- that one being the assassins that descended upon Gotham City in Batman #86 (hence why Deathstroke is there). Up next would be Riddler, who according to the Joker's tale in the opening of Batman #91, wanted to be the wisest man in all the kingdom. To achieve that, the Jokers said Riddler would play a "crooked game" with "the greatest scholars in the kingdom, which would kill each of them in turn". How that actually plays out, readers will find out soon. At least Riddler's turn is being taken with a new sense of fashion and style.

Batman #91 is on sale now.