Black Panther: Serial Box Releases Marvel’s Black Panther Sins of the King Series

Serial Box has released it’s Black Panther: Sins of the King series in conjunction with Marvel. The partnership has been something people have been looking forward to for a while. Internet darling Ira Madison III is aboard as a writer with Mohale Mashigo, Geoffrey Thorne, Tananarive Due, and Steven Barnes. The series also features narration by William Jackson Harper. With Serial Box, you can download the audio of the Black Panther tale or read along at your own pace. Most of the first episodes are usually free to explore as well, so you can figure out if you’re down for a larger investment. This particular project will be releasing new chapters for months to come. If you’re a fan of literary podcasts and T’Challa, this might be worth checking out for yourself.

Serial Box describes the project:

“The Black Panther has a terrible secret. T'Challa strives for excellence—to be a fair and worthy king, a global citizen, an Avenger. But when an army of undead threatens Wakanda, The Black Panther turns to his long-lost father in the fight against his most lethal opponent yet—the demons of his past.”

The company describes their service for those who are not familiar.

“Serial Box delivers the best stories in audio and for reading. Switch between listening and reading with a single click. We deliver bite-sized stories—dramas, comedy, sci-fi/fantasy, non-fiction and more—to fit your day. Perfect for busy fans of ebooks, audiobooks, TV, and podcasts,” Serial Box writes. “While technology has rapidly evolved, the way publishers and writers bring books to readers really hasn't. Storytelling in TV has become more sophisticated and multilayered, podcasts have risen to mainstream media status—but ebooks are just books on digital devices, not easier, more fun, or more social than they were before.”


They continue, “Serial Box is here to change all of that: artfully blending together the best of series television and the convenience of ebooks and audiobooks to bring readers a new form of storytelling. Releasing fiction serials over the course of 10-16 week seasons, Serial Box is about delivering addictive episodes straight to the user’s digital device to be read or listened to anytime, anywhere.”

Will you be checking out this Black Panther story? Let us know down in the comments!