Marvel Might Have a New Super Couple

Carol Danvers has had a lot thrown at her in recent weeks, especially after being thrown into a [...]

Carol Danvers has had a lot thrown at her in recent weeks, especially after being thrown into a dystopian future where she actually died reigniting the sun, and she didn't make it back to our time unscathed. That would be a lot for anyone to process, but during that time she also met the daughter of James Rhodes, named Carol Rhodes, but in a surprising twist she learns that she is not the mother of her current boyfriend's daughter. After she made a return to our time, Carol and James broke up, and that paved the way for what happens in Captain Marvel #27, which ended up with an unexpected development in Carol's love life that no one saw coming. Spoilers incoming so you've been warned.

In #27 we clearly see that the break up has caused Carol some stress, and the reason for the break-up was that after meeting James' future daughter, she didn't want to get in the way of her being born, since she grew to love her quite a bit in the future timeline. Now Carol's been dealing with all this by not leaving her house and staying in bed, but Jessica Drew makes it her mission to get Carol out of the house.

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After a successful battle with some rather disturbing alien cat creatures, Carol just keeps looking for people to save and things to punch, and that doesn't sit well with Drew or the rest of Carol's friends either, so they get Carol out of the house in a dress for an unexpected round of speed dating. Carol is not enthused.

After things go south and a battle with those creatures pretty much puts a halt to the evening, Carol ends up in a bar, the same bar that Doctor Stephen Strange ends up in. The chemistry is immediately apparent, and after they talk and share some laughs for a while, they end up kissing. That's when we see time move forward to the morning, and we see Carol's hilarious "what have I done" expression.

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Carol says "Okay. Well, mistakes happen. It's okay. That's probably why they have that saying...about never making the same mistake twice, right?" Strange says "What about three times?" Strange then says "No offense, just, not a great idea to mix business and, uh...whatever that was...", and then they both say "temporary madness?"

It seems they are on the same page and this will just be a one-and-done occasion, but that quickly gives way to more kissing, with Carol thinking to herself "This is a very, very bad idea."

So, it seemed like a fling, but maybe it's more than that, at least in the short term. We figure Carol and James will mend things at some point, but Carol is about to have a very magic-themed adventure over the next few issues, so we might be seeing more of this super couple in the near future.

You can check out the official description of Captain Marvel #27 below.

"SWIPE RIGHT, CAPTAIN MARVEL! Carol Danvers is back! Or is she? Devastated by her breakup with Rhodey, Carol can't seem to get back into her groove. Sure, monsters are still getting punched, but things are also getting missed…and boy, oh boy, is she grouchy. Before she can drive them fully insane, Carol's friends stage an intervention that looks a hell of a lot like speed dating. With friends like these, who needs enemies?! Featuring beloved Captain Marvel veteran artist David López!"

Captain Marvel #27 is in comic stores now.

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