Dark Nights: Death Metal: Wonder Woman's Fate Explained

Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 had wide-reaching effects on the DC Universe but also on the characters that inhabit it. That especially goes for Wonder Woman, who led the heroes through many a twist and turn throughout the series and ultimately held the key to their survival. Death Metal leaves the iconic hero in a very different place from where we started, and that change also sets the groundwork for the new Wonder Women in Future State. We're here to break it all down for you, but obviously, big spoilers incoming for Death Metal #7, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Wonder Woman makes a hard choice between restoring the world courtesy of The Batman Who Laughs or taking him down and risking it all as the Hands who created the multiverse approach to undo the universe, and she ultimately makes the decision to take down the Batman Who Laughs for the greater good.

Diana wakes up to a mysterious presence that turns out to be one of the Hands, who tells Diana that when they create a multiverse they hope that life within will ascend from simple selfishness and seek greater truths. Unfortunately even after their multiverse was restarted they have often failed to ascend and at times have even gone so far as to fight against that type of growth.

(Photo: DC Comics)

The Hand says "my kind have rarely been as stunned and...horrified", and at this point, Diana asks if everything is undone. The Hand then says "Befoe I answer, I will take a form perceptible to you. To give you an example of a being my kind does admire. A creation we celebrate for its heroism."

The form is of Diana, and the Hand says "You and your kind, you fought for good, knowing we would undo you. You saved us when we would not have saved you. We have seen no other multiverse do something so foolish...or admirable. As such, you have caused us to...rethink some of our methods."

The Hand reveals that their multiverse will be restored, though quite different from before, and this will require a great cost. Diana says "If my life is part of that cost, I give it gladly."

The Hand then says "No my dear. You are not dead. You will be more alive than ever, but you must ascend, to help us protect this fresh new reality....protect it from a lurking threat."

It seems Diana is sacrificing her time on Earth to protect the multiverse as a whole, so while she is far from dead, it makes sense why we have new people in the Wonder Woman role come Future State. Diana will return after Future State ends it seems, so we'll be interested to see how that happens and also what threat is lurking that the Hands of the Multiverse need help with.

You can find the official description for Death Metal #7 below.

"The song remains anything but the same as the house lights start to come up on DC's biggest, baddest battle for control of the Multiverse! The Darkest Knight is on the verge of ending this concert once and for all, but Wonder Woman has more than just a greatest hit planned. The Amazonian warrior stands ready to shred the Darkest Knight, solo! Plus, this extra-sized finale issue includes not one but two mind-blowing epilogues that lead directly into the next phase of the DC Universe-and no fan will want to miss that!"


Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 is available in comic stores now.

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