Here's How Dark Nights: Death Metal Leads to DC's Future State

Today the long-awaited Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 hit comic stores, and with it the beginnings and setup for DC's big Future State event, which will take over DC's books for the next two months. There's a lot to process in Death Metal #7, and we're going to break down how it all sets the foundation for the possible future of Future State. Big spoilers are coming for Death Metal #7 so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. The setup for Future State begins towards the end of the issue after the multiverse has been restored, though as Barry Allen explains to Wally West, there's more to it than that.

He introduces Wally to the Totality, a new secret base that resides in a specific frequency, and thus to a new team of heroes and villains looking into the changes that have surfaced after the multiverse was restored. Barry goes on to explain that Hypertime has been restored and is healing, and with the past finally set, new futures are opening up as Hypertime heals. He then says as it heals they will likely experience flashes of these new futures as well as alternate pasts in "pretty epic fashion".

(Photo: DC)

One of those new Futures is, of course, Future State, a possible future that the heroes of our Earth will experience in an "epic" way over the next two months. Things will change quite a bit for every hero and villain, though as we know things will return to a new normal afterward, and there will be some changes once it resolves.

The new additions to the mix seem to be sticking around (like the two new Wonder Women), though how that ends up happening will remain to be seen. Future State starts today as well, so we don't have to wait to see how this new future plays out either.

You can find the official description for Death Metal #7 below.

"The song remains anything but the same as the house lights start to come up on DC's biggest, baddest battle for control of the Multiverse! The Darkest Knight is on the verge of ending this concert once and for all, but Wonder Woman has more than just a greatest hit planned. The Amazonian warrior stands ready to shred the Darkest Knight, solo! Plus, this extra-sized finale issue includes not one but two mind-blowing epilogues that lead directly into the next phase of the DC Universe-and no fan will want to miss that!"

Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 is available in comic stores now.


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