DC Makes Blue Beetle Comics Free to Read

Get the buzz on Blue Beetle in free digital comics from DC.

More than 17 years after he first appeared in the pages of Infinite Crisis #3 in 2006, Jaime Reyes is making his long-awaited live-action feature film debut in DC's Blue Beetle. Played by Cobra Kai's Xolo Maridueña, the Mexican-American superhero is the third person to adopt the mantle of the Blue Beetle after the archaeologist Dan Garrett and his successor, the inventor Ted Kord. In the comics, an alien scarab amulet bestows Garrett with powers that become Jaime's when Khaji Da — the scarab that makes the teenager its symbiotic host — fuses with Jaime's spine and manifests an extraterrestrial exoskeleton to make him the armored Blue Beetle. 

For inspiration, Blue Beetle movie director Angel Manuel Soto drew from the 2006 comic book relaunch spinning out of the pages of Infinite Crisis by Jaime's co-creators, writer Keith Griffin and artist Cully Hamner; the New 52 version of the character that debuted in 2011's Blue Beetle (Vol. 8) #1; the six-issue limited series Blue Beetle: Graduation Day; and even the Injustice 2 video game.

"The New 52 was a big inspiration, as far as the suit goes and other aspects of the story, but we took a lot from bits and pieces," Soto told Comic Book and other outlets during a trailer reveal in April. "There's a lot of great stuff in all the different runs, and we were like, 'Man, how do you choose one?' We were like, 'Do we have to choose one? No, let's do whatever the f-ck we want with it.' Just have fun and create something awesome, create something really interesting that takes the greatest hits — even from the Injustice 2 game. We really deep dive on it because it's f-cking dope."

Blue Beetle Comics to Read Free Online

To coincide with Blue Beetle's release in theaters on August 18th, DC Comics has made digital comics free to read on DC Universe Infinite (registration required). Highlighted comics include Blue Beetle (2006) #1, The New 52 Blue Beetle (2011) #1, and DC Rebirth: Blue Beetle (2016) #1; Blue Beetle: Graduation Day (2022) #1; and Blue Beetle (2006) #15, featuring Jaime's team-up with Superman.

Blue Beetle #1 (2006)


It's not easy being Jaime Reyes. He has to deal with high school, family and all the drama that comes with being a teenager. Also, he's linked to a powerful scarab created by an alien race known as the Reach who seeks to subjugate planets—or annihilate them!

Blue Beetle #15 (2007)


Big Blue meets Little Blue! Jaime Reyes tries to surrender himself to the local S.T.A.R Labs with disastrous results! This looks like a job for Superman!

Blue Beetle: The New 52 #1 (2011)


As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics – The New 52 event of September 2011, Jaime Reyes becomes the all-new Blue Beetle! It's not easy being Jaime Reyes. He has to deal with high school, family and all the drama that comes with being a teenager. Also, he's linked to a powerful scarab created by an alien race known as the Reach who seek to subjugate planets--or annihilate them. But can this teen hero turn an alien weapon of mass destruction into a force for good? And can he protect the scarab from super villains that would use it for their own nefarious purposes?

DC Universe Rebirth: Blue Beetle #1 (2016)


Jaime Reyes is back home, but just when he thought he had a grasp on this alter-ego, the Blue Beetle, he discovers everything he believed about his scarab is a lie according to the mysterious Doctor Fate. With dire warnings about the symbiote that is fused to Reyes' spine, Kent Nelson, the original wielder of Doctor Fate's power, seemingly on verge of insanity, has he come to save Jaime as he claims...or will he try to eliminate the Blue Beetle, no matter the cost?

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 (2022)


Jaime Reyes has a lot to juggle. Whether it's his finals for senior year or a new villain tearing up El Paso, Jaime is always torn between two worlds. But when his worlds come crashing together at his high school graduation, nothing will ever be the same. A message from the Reach bombards Jaime's scarab, Khaji Da, and it starts throwing off his connection to the device. And as if that wasn't enough, Jaime's parents and friends are pressuring him about his next steps in life. But what's hidden here on Earth that's drawing the Reach back? And where did this new Fadeaway Man come from? Can Jaime find balance in his life and rise to become a true hero, or is it curtains for Blue Beetle?

DC's Blue Beetle opens only in theaters August 18th.