DC Makes a Crazy Change to Two Titans

DC Comic's new Future State event has seen some major changes for various beloved heroes and that [...]

DC Comic's new Future State event has seen some major changes for various beloved heroes and that is certainly true for the Teen Titans. This week's Future State: Teen Titans #1 sees the iconic young heroes dealing with a grim status quo, including many fallen heroes and the surprising revelation that one of them is the new Deathstroke. However, that's not the only shocking change to the team. Two Titans in particular have undergone a very crazy transformation that readers may not have seen coming.

Warning: spoilers for Future State: Teen Titans #1 below.

The issue opens up with a devastated world. Titans Island as well as what appears to be the rest of nearby New York City completely in ruins with no real explanation as to what exactly happens. Right away, readers learn that whatever happened cost many of the Titans their lives. Those among the dead include Summer Zahid (who first appeared in Teen Titans: Endless Winter Special #1), Matt Price, William Wu/Roundhouse, Lucas La Porte, Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, Wally West/Flash, and Wallace West/Kid Flash.

However, while the team's number has been reduced by loss, there's another unusual development that also brings the team's number down by one. Cyborg and Beast Boy have somehow become one, a combined hero that appears to have the qualities and personalities of both of the Titans and is called Cybeast.

future state teen titans cybeast
(Photo: DC Comics)

There really is no direct explanation offered in the issue to explain how Cyborg and Beast Boy ended up this way. One can only assume it has something to do with the catastrophe that cost the other Titans their lives, but even with their new status quo of being two heroes in one form, they are still an active part of the team. It's revealed in the issue that Cybeast has been on a mission to get the Spear of Destiny, something they hope will allow them to somehow stop the Four Riders, who the Titans may just be responsible for unleashing on the world.

While it doesn't sound like the Spear itself will destroy the Four Riders, it does bring them all into one place for the Titans to make their last stand and it appears to have worked. Raven reveals that the Four Riders have converged on the Spear -- and Billy Batson/Shazam and his team in Detroit are trying to hold them off, something that is not going especially well.

Future State: Teen Titans #1 is available now.