DC Reveals All The Titans Who Have Fallen in Future State

Future State: Teen Titans #1 is out this week and as is the case with the entire Future State [...]

Future State: Teen Titans #1 is out this week and as is the case with the entire Future State initiative offers a glimpse at a possible future for the DC Universe, one that finds familiar and beloved heroes in difficult and in some cases dire circumstances. In the case of the Teen Titans, that means some major losses to the heroic team. At the start of things, the Titans have lost quite a few of their own, and Future States: Teen Titans #1 reveals exactly which members of the team have fallen.

Warning: spoilers for Future State: Teen Titans #1 below.

The issue opens with a view of a devastated Titans Island as well as a devastated New York City, though no real explanation of exactly what has happened. Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Emiko Queen/Red Arrow arrive on the island looking for something, but before the search begins they take a moment in front of a small area of crosses honoring their fallen teammates -- and there are many of them. Those among the dead include Summer Zahid (who first appeared in Teen Titans: Endless Winter Special #1), Matt Price, William Wu/Roundhouse, Lucas La Porte, Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, Wally West/Flash, and Wallace West/Kid Flash.

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Those are some heavy losses and it's clear that it's taken quite a toll on the surviving Titans. Emiko is seen grieving hard in front of Wallace's marker while Nightwing is being, well, "extra Nightwingy" about things. The toll of those losses presents itself in other ways as the issue continues as well. It becomes clear very quickly that while the remaining Titans are still working together, the "team" itself is severely tested. Koriand'r/Starfire is not on good terms with Dick, but more than that secrets are being kept from parts of the team. Dick and Emiko went to Titans Island to find an H-Dial and while they were successful, it's not information that Starfire wishes to share with the rest of the team or a device that she even seems particularly prepared to use. There's also a former Titan being held in a jail cell at the Titans safehouse, someone who has taken the mantle of Red X -- once a "villain identity" that Dick (as Robin) used as part of an undercover operation, but later taken up by another, unnamed character. Red X's appearance in the issue marks the first time the character has appeared in comic book continuity.

And when it comes to Red X, it seems like that character might be critical to whatever it was that decimated the team -- and potentially critical to setting things right again.

Future State: Teen Titans #1 is available now.