DC Future State: Nick Derington Shares New Look at The Next Batman Suit

DC's Future State event is officially in full swing, and it has been bringing about some powerful new changes to the DC Comics universe. Among those was the newest incarnation of Batman, with Tim Fox taking on the iconic mantle in the pages of Future State: The Next Batman. Fans have been relishing in the opportunity to see Tim hold the mantle - all while making history for Black representation in superhero comics. To help tide fans over until the next issue debuts, The Next Batman artist Nick Derington recently shared a look at the design for Tim's costume, which looks truly epic.

"Tim was the first choice," The Next Batman writer John Ridley recently told ComicBook.com. "When we started talking about, or I should say when I was invited in to even start talking about next Batman or this project, it's obviously, as I'm sure you know, started a couple of iterations, what would have been 5G, but even absent of what the vehicle would be, whether it was 5G, whether it was Future State, there was a real commitment to have Batman be represented as a person of color. As we were talking about it, as the ideas that DC had and how they wanted to engage, even before the reckoning that we went through on race. I mean, it seems like a lifetime ago we started these conversations, but there were things that the executives really wanted to get into about perspectives, about family, about privilege, and in ways that are not, in my opinion, and to their credit, not normally engaged in in wider media."

"One of the things that was really important to me was to be able to engage in these things in ways that would not have to maybe backtrack on things that fans already knew about other characters that had maybe been in line to, or have been more obvious choices to be Batman," Ridley said. "Ways that were very connected to a family, in particular the Fox family, which is just probably one of the most prominent families, if not the most prominent family, certainly in the Gotham universe, let alone in the DC universe, and then to be able to fill in a lot of blanks and start with a character that we all could really purpose orient towards a particular narrative."

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