Future State's New Justice League Might be DC's Deadliest Yet

Full spoilers for Future State: Suicide Squad below! The pages of Future State: Suicide Squad #1 [...]

Full spoilers for Future State: Suicide Squad below! The pages of Future State: Suicide Squad #1 primarily focuses on a team that appears to be the successors to both the Suicide Squad and the Justice League, fittingly titled the "Justice Squad." In the opening moments the issue reveals who these characters are that make up the team, all acting as analogues to the primary Justice League members but in a fashion that feels more like the Dark Avengers since it's actually villains in disguise as the heroes. As we learn though, this team is still acting under the direction of Amanda Waller and all of her nefarious wishes.

Making up the Justice Squad are: William Cobb as Batman, the former Talon assassin featured in The Court of Owls storyline from Scott Snyder now wears the mantle of The Dark Knight; Bolt, a former Teen Titan speedster in this future who is the team's version of The Flash; Batman villain Clayface as Martian Manhunter (it's either Clayface 8 or 12 if the narration is to be believed); villain Hypnotic Woman disguised as Wonder Woman for the team; the villain Fisherman, controlled by an alien presence known as the Xenoform, as the new Aquaman; and Conner Kent as Superman.

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What's unclear is which version of Conner Kent this Superman is since the issue later reveals that all of the events take place on Earth-3, the home of The evil Crime Syndicate (who even make a brief appearance). What is clear in the issue though is how deadly The Justice Squad actually is. The first part of the issue sees them fighting a group of villains including Sinestro, Brainiac, and Mongal.

Bolt runs so fast that she severs Sinestro's hand with his ring from his arm, sending him falling to the ground. Cobb (as Batman) prepares to torture Sinestro only for Waller to trigger the explosive device inside his skull, which also incinerates the Green Lantern villain. After this Bolt runs through Brainiac, ripping him to pieces, while Mongal is killed by Clayface, who drowns her as he infiltrates her throat, it's gross!

By issues end though we discover that this team isn't the titular Suicide Squad that the series will follow though as Task Force X from Prime Earth is on the scene to infiltrate their base and extract Amanda Waller. To that end it's only a matter of time before these villains masquerading as heroes come up against the Suicide Squad, who is being lead by none other than Peacemaker.

You can read the full solicitation for Future State: Suicide Squad #2 below!

Future State: Suicide Squad #2
Peacemaker attacks! Assigned to bring Amanda Waller back to Earth-1 at all costs, the Suicide Squad battles Waller's private Justice League on Earth-3. As lives are lost and blood is spilled, the fate of the Multiverse will be decided by Superman! Also in this issue, the 853rd Century is burning, and only Black Adam can save reality from the onslaught of murderous rage from a new threat spawned from a former hero.
Writers: Robbie Thompson, Jeremy Adams
Artists: Fernando Pasarin, Javier Fernandez

(Photo: DC COMICS)