I Hate Fairyland Returns, Skottie Young Launches SubStack

Fresh off the news that head Batman writer James Tynion IV is leaving DC Comics behind and [...]

Fresh off the news that head Batman writer James Tynion IV is leaving DC Comics behind and developing original comics for Substack, another major creator has moved their newsletter onto the platform and with it revived one of their hit comics. Eisner Award winning writer/artist Skottie Young has revealed that his "Stupid Fresh Mess" newsletter now lives on Substack and that one of the things he'll be able to do with it is revive the hit series I Hate Fairyland. Young reiterated that even though the series will first be seen on Substack for paid subscribers, it will eventually be published in comic book form as well.

"You all have no idea how excited I am to throw myself back into that world with those characters!" Young wrote. "I'll get into more details in future posts, but for now, just know that Gert, Larry and the rest of the gang will be returning via your inbox and comic shops near you in the coming year!!! And the best part, you all will watch it all come to life right here!...I've been making comics BOOKS for twenty years and that ain't gonna stop now! You better believe my comics will GO TO PRINT and are going to be all up in your stores! This will be a place for you and the readers to watch them come to life and take shape! In fact, BECAUSE OF THIS SPACE, I'll be able development much more creator owned content and bring them all to press!"

Young revealed that subscribers to the Stupid Fresh Mess newsletter will be privy to early announcements for "original art sales, commission lists, first dibs on limited edition prints and comics."

"This is no longer just a 'Newsletter,'" Young added. "It's a Creative Platform. A place to explore new ideas, stories, products to share with you instantly."

Among the new things Young will add to the newsletter are deep dives into the creation process of his original comics, including I Hate Fairyland, Bully Wars, Middlewest, The Me You Love in the Dark, and more.

Young added, "But best of all, I'll be launching brand new original content right here for Premium Subscribers. Yup, you read that right. You'll be the first to find out about and read brand new comics, illustrated prose, children's books, etc. delivered right to your email."

Those worried that Young's newsletter will keep him from his Marvel commitments will be happy to know that's not the case and he will continue to write Strange Academy and provide covers for the house of ideas.