Mark Millar Announces New Comics Coming With Top Marvel and DC Artists for 2021

With a Jupiter's Legacy TV series in the works and a number of other projects on the way, it seems [...]

With a Jupiter's Legacy TV series in the works and a number of other projects on the way, it seems like Mark Millar isn't slowing down anytime soon. The comic writer, who struck an unprecedented deal with Netflix surrounding his "Millarworld" of original properties in 2017, has been gradually keeping fans updated on those various adaptations -- as well as new projects that are in the pipeline. Over the weekend, Millar took to Twitter to share a list of artists he will be collaborating with on his upcoming 2021/2022 slate of "Millarworld" books.

The list includes Frank Quietly (Jupiter's Legacy), Stuart Immonen (The Amazing Spider-Man), Karl Kerschl (Isola), Travis Charest (Wildcats), Olivier Coipiel (House of M), Matteo Scalera (Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn), Gigi Cavenago (Hit-Girl), Tommy Lee Edwards (Mother Panic), Matteo Buffagni (Empyre: X-Men), and a secret "superstar" from Marvel and DC.

Millar also teases that the first series on the slate will come out four weeks after the premiere of the Jupiter's Legacy Netflix series -- although since that series doesn't currently have a release date or a release window, there's absolutely no indication of when that could be.

This new slate of books comes amid a multiple-year deal with Netflix, which Millar has hoped will continue to shake up both publishing and film and television.

"Now that Millarworld is owned by Netflix it's a pretty different set-up than before," Millar told back in 2018. "I'm creating stories directly for Netflix, to be used as movies or TV shows, but some of them are going to be comic-books too following the same stories and design bibles. I'm not going to own them. I'm on-staff and this is all being done in-house, but because I love doing comics we're taking the ones that will work great in my own traditional medium and just letting me have some fun with them. As you can imagine, all the best artists are very, very keen to work for Netflix too so I've really had my pick of the crop here. I've finished this series we're announcing at the weekend and already on a second project. The first is a completely original piece of work, the other a sequel to one of our existing franchises people really liked a couple of years back. Both artists are people I google in my tea-breaks. You'll smile when you see who we've bagged."

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(Photo by Adam Gasson/SFX Magazine/Future via Getty Images)