Marvel Just Killed One of Its Most Popular Characters

While most 'deaths' in Marvel comic books are reserved for side characters, or seem almost [...]

While most "deaths" in Marvel comic books are reserved for side characters, or seem almost immediately reversible, the publisher really takes a swing at its major characters every once in a while. It's rare to see an extremely popular hero meet their demise, especially when there isn't and entire series dedicated to their eventual demise (looking at you, Wolverine). But sometimes, a creator goes for it, and we see a death in a comic book that we didn't expect, one that will have a lasting effect on the greater Marvel universe. Such a moment takes place at the end of King in Black #2.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for King in Black #2! Continue reading at your own risk...

Donny Cates' Venom series, which began back in 2018, has spent the better part of two years building up to an eventual conflict with Knull, the god of the symbiotes. That conflict finally arrived in the King in Black event, and it has brought with it the moment that feels like it has been in the cards for quite a while.

Eddie Brock is dead.

The end of King in Black #1 saw Knull drop Eddie from the top of a building, with no symbiote attached to his being to save him. Many assumed he would be miraculously saved, given how these things usually go, but that wasn't the case. In the early pages of the second issue, Spider-Man tries to get to Eddie, but he doesn't make it in time.

king in black venom eddie brock death
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Eddie is rushed back to the hideout of the few remaining heroes that haven't been turned into Knull's symbiotic creatures, a group that includes Reed Richards, T'Challa, and Tony Stark. He tries to get help for his friend before going to find Eddie's son, Dylan.

Once Spider-Man returns with Dylan, Iron Man lays out a plan to get Eddie back on his feet, binding him to a symbiote from one of Knull's dragons. This plan is meant to help Eddie, as well as get him connected to the hive mind so they can take out Knull. Unfortunately, the symbiote overwhelms Eddie's already fragile system, and he starts to spiral. Dylan uses his powers to blast the symbiote off of his dad, but it's not enough. Eddie's heart monitor delivers one long, steady beep, confirming that Eddie is gone.

Eddie Brock is definitely dead at this point, which has felt like an inevitable conclusion over the course of Cates' run on Venom. What remains to be seen, however, is whether or not this death will stick. Following the letters to the editor at the end of King in Black #2, there's a preview for Venom #32 that shows Eddie's spirit falling into a a symbiotic abyss and potentially reconnecting with his other. This might just be the story of his death, an entire issue about Eddie coming to terms with his demise.

Then again, these are comic books, so maybe he will find a way to magically resurrect in a month or two.