Marvel Gives Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and Nova New Origins in Heroes Reborn

Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and Nova -- the founding members of Marvel's Champions team -- are getting [...]

Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and Nova -- the founding members of Marvel's Champions team -- are getting brand new origin stories as part of Marvel's upcoming Heroes Reborn event. The event imagines what the Marvel Universe might look like without the Avengers. No Avengers also means no Champions. Instead, Miles Morales, Kamala Khan, and Sam Alexander come together to form the Young Squadron, the next generation of Marvel heroes who come together to do battle with…Deadpool? Heroes Reborn: Young Squadron #1 is written by Jim Zub with art by Steve Cummings and reimagines these beloved heroes like fans have never seen before.

In Heroes Reborn, Marvel's legacy heroes find different mentors than those they have now, each a member of the Squadron Supreme of America that rises up to fill the vacuum created by the lack of Avengers. Instead of Peter Parker taking Miles Morales under his wing as Spider-Man, Miles trains under the Falcon's literal wings and takes over the mantle after Nighthawks' original partner dies. Kamala Khan doesn't look up to Captain Marvel but becomes the super-warrior Girl Power after obtaining an artifact from Utopia, the homeland of Power Princess. And rather than donning his father's Nova helmet, the cosmically-gifted hero Sam Alexander follows in Doctor Spectrum's example as Kid Spectrum. Together, they are the Young Squadron, out to prove their value as heroes, but Deadpool seeks to show them a harsher reality than the one they believe.

Heroes Reborn Young Squadron
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"Jason and Ed have built an incredibly fun premise in Heroes Reborn," Zub says. "It's a twisted mirror that reflects the characters we know and love set against both the familiar and the wildly unexpected. Taking that core idea and pulling it further out to show how it affects the Champions trio of Miles, Kamala and Sam is a blast, and getting to do that with my Champions collaborator Steven Cummings makes it even more fun."

The Heroes Reborn: Young Squadron #1 one-shot goes on sale in May. You can see character designs for all three heroes and solicitation information below.

Heroes Reborn Falcon
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Heroes Reborn Girl Power
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Heroes Reborn Kid Spectrum
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  • The Squadron Supreme of America have taken root in the hearts and minds of all, but none more so than a trio of youthful champions who call themselves the Young Squadron!
  • Kid Spectrum (Sam Alexander), Girl Power (Kamala Khan) and the all-new Falcon (Miles Morales) are here to fight for true, justice and the American flag...or are they?
  • Beneath the flashy facade of colorful adventure, something grim is stirring and Deadpool is determined to bring it to light.