Marvel Relaunches Incredible Hulk With New Creative Team

The Incredible Hulk is making a comeback at Marvel Comics. A new creative team is coming together to guide Hulk's latest adventure, and the series is going back to its monster-fueled roots. The latest run of Hulk by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley introduced all-new versions of the Jade Giant, such as Starship Hulk and Titan. Incredible Hulk will see a return of horror themes, last seen in Al Ewing and Joe Bennett's fan-favorite Immortal Hulk. Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Alien, Marvel Zombies: Resurrection) and Marvel's Stormbreakers artist Nic Klein (Thor) are teaming up for The Incredible Hulk, launching on June 17th.

"The significance that we're finally bringing back the classic title Incredible Hulk is not lost on me. It's a tremendous honor, and Nic and I have the clearest possible vision for what we want to do with this story," Johnson explained. "Nic Klein is a genius, and working with him is pushing me to write a story worthy of his very best."

"Phillip and I put a big serving of monsters, a bit of eldritch gods, a good dash of suspense, and some cool new characters into the cauldron," Klein added. "We're trying to serve up a Hulk the readers haven't seen before. And if they like it half as much as I'm enjoying drawing it, they're gonna love it."

"The work that Al, Joe and the rest did with Immortal Hulk was so impactful and spoke so clearly to me personally, it was impossible to come up with an idea that wasn't inspired by it," Johnson continued. "We're getting back to Stan Lee's Frankenstein/Jekyll & Hyde inspirations for the character, and giving readers a proper monster book in the best, truest Hulk tradition. If you loved Immortal Hulk, if you love ghost stories, if you love Marvel monsters, if you loved old school 'adventure of the month' stories from books like Marvel Team-Up, and if you want the best, most timeless Hulk art you've ever seen, you DO NOT want to miss this return of Incredible Hulk." 

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

What Is Marvel's Incredible Hulk About?

As Phillip Kennedy Johnson revealed, The Incredible Hulk is inspired by Immortal Hulk, which used body horror tremendously to help tell its tale. Hulk is at the center of what Marvel is calling the "Age of Monsters," with new and classic monsters gunning for Bruce Banner at the behest of a mysterious immortal looking to free the Mother of Horrors. 

The description of Incredible Hulk #1 reads, "As an enraged Hulk tries to take control of Bruce Banner's body permanently, a mysterious immortal turns every monster in the Marvel Universe against Banner in an attempt to free their creator, the primordial Mother of Horrors. With the help of an unlikely new friend, Banner and Hulk must try to stop the world from getting plunged into darkness!"

Let us know your thoughts on the new Incredible Hulk creative team in the comments. The Incredible Hulk #1 goes on sale June 21st.