Marvel Reveals Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads (Exclusive)

If Marvel fans were worried that the adventures of Symbiote Spider-Man were coming to a close, [...]

If Marvel fans were worried that the adventures of Symbiote Spider-Man were coming to a close, we've got good news. Fans can see those adventures continue in a new series titled Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads, and it will bring back the entire Symbiote Spider-Man team of Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Frank D'Armata. Things are set to get even more off the wall thanks to the Crossroads Dimension, and had the chance to talk to David all about the new series, what is in store for Peter Parker, and how David's classic Hulk run will factor into the story.

The team has enjoyed spinning new stories and expanding upon existing ones in Symbiote Spider-Man, and while David has had a blast, the existing continuity can be difficult to weave a story around at times, which is the greatest challenge of the series.

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"Attending to the continuity demands, because fans are--what's the best word to say? Scrupulous. They're scrupulous about having everything line up," David said. "The original stories came out thirty-five years ago and yet there seem to be plenty of readers who are hyperaware of everything having to do with Spidey's continuity. There have been stories I've wanted to tell that I've had to scrap because I realize they come too early or too late in continuity to match up with the time frame that we're currently playing in. I'm constantly checking the status of the entire Marvel universe at the time to make sure what I'm concocting fits in."

The Crossroads dimension will play a substantial role in the series, hence its inclusion in the title, and if you're a Jack Kirby fan, you're going to be in for a treat.

"The entire point of the original series was to allow Bill Mantlo to have Hulk stories set in entirely original settings that he came up with. I decided, well, what if I tossed Spidey and the Hulk into settings that we were familiar with. With the advent of the Eternals movie, I thought, You know what? Let's go pure Kirby with this one. Let's send Spidey into Kirby environments with which he would be totally unfamiliar," David said. "So I went for the two biggest Kirby-solo universes in the whole of Marvel: the Eternals and Devil Dinosaur."

We know that Spider-Man will be crossing paths with the Hulk, and fans of David's run and recent events in Immortal Hulk are not going to want to miss out.

"Let's just say that a popular Hulk personality who first appeared in my run, and with whom the writers of The Immortal Hulk have had some fun, will be making a very unexpected appearance in this series," David said.

The series has been a big hit for Marvel, and while David had his doubts at first, he's happy to be a part of it and that it's resonated so much with fans.

"The entire Symbiote story was something that Devin [Lewis] and company came to me with. I was initially dubious about it, but apparently there's been tremendous fan support for it," David said. "Nostalgia can be a powerful influence over fan purchases. The series has been remarkably popular. We've also succeeded in tying in to Marvel's presence in the theater and on TV. For instance, when Monica Rambeau showed up in "WandaVision," Symbiote was the only comic book series featuring her. She was on the cover at the same time she showed up on Disney Plus."

With a catalog of characters as vast as Marvel's, there are plenty who might benefit from a revisit like the team has done with Symbiote Spider-Man, and there is one that immediately comes to David's mind.

"Wolverine in his "Patch" identity in Madripoor. Hell, I'd love to do a story where Elektra goes to Madripoor just to get away from it all and finds herself in conflict with Patch. I think that could be fun," David.

Yeah, we would totally read that, so fingers crossed it happens! You can find the official description for Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads #1 below.


After three sense-shattering series, Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leisten and Frank D'Armata – the entire SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN crew – RETURN! This time, they're taking Spider-Man down the road less traveled to the supremely psychedelic CROSSROADS DIMENSION! In their most ambitious series yet, the SYMBIOTE team puts Peter Parker and his alien costume on a collision course with none other than THE INCREDIBLE HULK, in a story set just before Peter David's landmark run on the Hulk series!"

Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads #1 hits comic stores in July.

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