Marvel Reveals Spider-Man Beyond and New All-Star Creative Team

Marvel has been teasing a mysterious thing titled Spider-Man Beyond, and the theories were running [...]

Marvel has been teasing a mysterious thing titled Spider-Man Beyond, and the theories were running wild. Now we know all of the details, and it signals a bold new era in the Spider-Man mythos. With Nick Spencer bringing his run on Amazing Spider-Man to a close, Marvel is shaking things up with an all-new creative team that features Kelly Thompson, Saladin Ahmed, Dody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, and Zeb Wells, and they will be teaming up on the now thrice-monthly title. That would be big enough, but things are getting crazier with the return of Ben Reilly, who returns to take back the mantle of Spider-Man with the backing of the Beyond Corporation. He's out to show that he can be the best version of Spider-Man ever, and previous teasers revealed this could have deadly ramifications for Peter Parker.

"The whole point of working on Spider-Man is trying to put new unliftable weights on top of him—physical, metaphysical, emotional, psychological—and seeing if he can lift them," Editor Nick Lowe said. "But what if that weight truly is too heavy? What if someone with the exact same skills and formative years could do better? Ben Reilly is back and, with Aunt May and Uncle Ben's lessons in the back of HIS mind as well, he's here to step in where Peter Parker failed. Can he accomplish things the original Spider-Man never could? These questions are what sold me on this story.

(Photo: Marvel)

"When Zeb Wells started building this story it became apparent that it needed a narrative velocity and a team of the best of the best to make it happen. So we gathered some of the greatest writers and artists in comics to join us and the story got even better and bigger and more surprising," Lowe said.

That's when they decided to form this Spider-Man All-Star squad, and each creator brings something unique to the web-slinger's world.

"Zeb has proven through Amazing Spider-Man "Shed", Spider-Man/Doc Ock: Year One, and Hellions that he will bring the balance of hilarity and emotional devastation. Kelly Thompson's work on Captain Marvel and Black Widow shows her to be the best mind for character work along with a fearless creativity that will keep you guessing. Saladin Ahmed is the rare writer who walks the tightrope of a book like his Eisner-Winning Black Bolt to his smash hit 'Clone Saga' arc of Miles Morales: Spider-Man and his contributions shook us all. Fans from his time at the Distinguished Competition know Patrick Gleason isn't only an artistic visionary (as proven recently from his Webhead covers) but also a highly-skilled writer whose Marvel debut is going to be the shot heard round the comics world. Cody Ziglar is a new name in comics, but the work he did for the upcoming Disney+ She-Hulk show and Rick and Morty showed us at Marvel that he is part of the next generation of Marvel superstar writers and he has not disappointed here," Lowe said.

Fans will get their first glimpse of the new era on August 14th's Free Comic Book Day Spider-Man/Venom issue, and you can check out some artwork of Spider-Man Beyond in the image above.

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