Marvel Announces Spider-Man: Spider-Society Series

Swing back into the Spider-Verse in Spider-Society, a new series featuring characters from the animated movies and the comics.

The Spider-Society is swinging out of the Spider-Verse and into the Marvel comics universe. Marvel has officially announced Spider-Society, a new four-issue limited series spinning out of the Edge of Spider-Verse anthology that introduced such Spider-Heroes as the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman and Peni Parker a.k.a. SP//dr. Written by Alex Segura (Edge of Spider-Verse) with art by Scott Godlewski (Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menace), the new series will "spin the entire Multiverse into one epic saga" with Spider-People from across the Spider-Verse.

"We've had such a blast building toward and teasing Spider-Verse in the pages of Web of Spider-Man and Edge of Spider-Verse," Segura said. "I hope readers enjoy the amazing roster of Spider-Heroes we're bringing together to face off a new, but eerily familiar threat."

"Scott Godlewski's the perfect choice to bring our Spider-Verse adventure to life, and his take on the Spider-Heroes, from Spider-Man 2099 to Spider-Ramen, is spot-on," he added. "Readers can expect a wild Multiversal ride full of surprises and fun character moments, evoking the Spider-Verse tales they love. August can't come fast enough!"


The just-revealed cover for Spider-Society #1 shows the Peter Parker Spider-Man of Earth-616 swinging into action alongside the Miles Morales Spider-Man, the Jessica Drew Spider-Women, Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099, Julia Carpenter/Madame Web, Hobie Brown/Spider-Punk, Peter Porker/Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, Aña Corazón/Araña, and Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl, plus newer Spider-Verse characters like Petra/Spinstress, Kraven the Hunter-Spider, Zarina Zahari/Spider-UK, and Weapon VIII.

February's Edge of Spider-Verse #1 saw the clairvoyant Madame Web recruit Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099 to form the Spider-Society, warning that the Web of Life and Destiny is endangered by a looming threat: the Sinister Squadron, an assembly of Spider-Villains from across the multiverse that includes a villainous Gwen Stacy Green Goblin. Marvel teased the new Spider-team again in March's Web of Spider-Man #1.

Among Miguel's potential recruits: Aña Corazón (Araña of Earth-616), Peter Porker (Spider-Ham of Earth-8311), Gwen Stacy (Ghost-Spider of Earth-65), Miles Morales (Spider-Man of Earth-616), Felicia Hardy (Night-Spider of Earth-194), Hobie Brown (Spider-Punk of Earth-138), Peter Parker (Spider-Man Noir of Earth-90214), Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman of Earth-616), Peter Parker (Weapon VIII of Earth-72), Zarina Zahari (Spider-UK of Earth-834), Cooper Coen (Web-Weaver of Earth-71490), and Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl of Earth-982).

Spider-Society #1 goes on sale August 14 from Marvel Comics.