The Internet Reacts to "Old Woman Laura"

Marvel Comics launches Old Woman Laura in All-New Wolverine #33, out April 4, catching up with female Wolverine clone Laura Kinney in the not-too-distant future.

The story, a spin on Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Old Man Logan limited series that re-imagined the metal-clawed X-Man as an even more grizzled hero in an apocalyptic future, depicts the world as a utopia where heroes have succeeded in bringing peace worldwide.

At the head of the utopia is Laura Kinney, who has passed on her mantle of Wolverine, opting instead to live her best life as Madripoor's benevolent queen.

But a long simmering evil will force Laura out of retirement and back into the blue-and-yellow, with the final journey taking everything Laura has to give — including, maybe, her life.

Marvel Comics announced the limited-time event earlier this week, prompting mixed reaction from fans on social media.

"The idea of Old Woman Laura is dope," wrote Twitter user Matt Sibley. Jack Fisher agrees, writing, "Old Man Logan and Old Woman Laura would probably still kick more a— than most other heroes in their prime."

"This is too much," wrote user jordaustin, "stop making this old this, old that," adding a plea for Marvel to bring back the time-displaced X-Men.

"Seriously?" writes user Wolverita, calling the story a "trash a— prompt."

"That's not necessary really," wrote user 704jordan.

"So just copying the name isn't enough," writes user leonidasolympia, "now they gotta copy Logan's popular storylines?"


Laura adopted the mantle of Wolverine in 2015, taking over for a then-deceased Logan who perished despite his famous healing factor.

All New Wolverine #33, scripted by Tom Taylor and pencilled by Ramon Rosanas, hits shelves April 4.