Milestone Comics To Return in Spring 2021

Milestone will return to publish new content this spring, several of the original Milestone [...]

Milestone will return to publish new content this spring, several of the original Milestone creators announced in a DC FanDome panel alongside DC honcho Jim Lee and writer and podcaster Marc Bernardin. The presentation came just as a report came down from The Washington Post, spilling some of the details and giving fans a first look at some of the art. So far, there are two comics -- a digital-first Static Shock comic and a more traditional Icon & Rocket title -- announced, but the panelists also alluded to feature films in both live action and animation, as well as merchandise, graphic novels, and young adult content.

Originally, the FanDome event was supposed to be a single day of content with dozens of hours to choose from. Instead, they pushed a lot of the content to September 12, and today is just the "Hall of Heroes" programming. The September 12 content will be available on demand. Among that content will be digital access to Milestone Returns #0, a comic that will reintroduce the Milestone characters to a new audience.

The original Milestone Comics, an imprint published by DC but run by its own editorial board, was founded by Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek Dingle in 1993. It published a number of titles, including Static Shock, Icon, and Blood Syndicate, until it folded in 1997. McDuffie was a key part of the 2000 Static Shock animated series, which became a bigger success than anybody ever expected and won a slew of awards.

McDuffie, who also worked on shows like Justice League Unlimited and Ben10 during his impressive career in animation, passed away in early 2011. At the time of his death, there had been years of rumors but no serious movement on bringing the Milestone characters back in a significant way. McDuffie himself used some of those characters during his Justice League run, but neither that, nor a New 52 Static Shock series, led to the characters being a more integral part of DC's superhero multiverse.

In 2015, DC announced that they would be bringing the Milestone line back, adding later that the line would be called Earth-M, and that Kyle Baker would be working on a new Static Shock graphic novel along with Reginald Hudlin. That project, due out later in 2021, will be one of the first new Milestone books once the line is relaunched, per the Washington Post report.

Keep your eye on for plenty more from throughout the day at DC FanDome -- and, soon, for more details on the Milestone revival.