DC Reveals New Armor for Nightwing

Nightwing has made a point of doing things his way since he stepped out of Batman’s shadow, [...]

Nightwing has made a point of doing things his way since he stepped out of Batman's shadow, which most often means working alone, but even the best superhero needs a hand now and then. In Nightwing Annual #3, Dick Grayson gets some much need assistance from an unexpected source. Not only that, but he also gets some actual wings of his own. Those wings are attached to a brand new set of armor provided by his new allies. It may not be a permanent addition to Nightwing's outfit, but it sure helps him out in this story. SPOILERS for Nightwing Annual #3 by Dan Jurgens, Scott Godlewski, and Nick Filardi follow.

The issue sees Nightwing in Blüdhaven fighting off a group of terrorists called the Blood Nights. Nightwing doesn't know it yet, but these are the henchman of his old nemesis, Blockbuster, who's looking to take over organized crime in the city.

The fight starts well for Nightwing, but then the Blood Knights hit him with poisonous gas. At first, Dick does well despite the gaseous haze, but the toxin begins to take a toll on him. The Blood Knights are about to deliver the killing stroke when Condor Red flies into actions.

Condor Red saves Nightwing, but Dick is frantic from the gas and attacks his rescuer. Condor nearly kills Nightwing trying to fend him off. When he and his boss, Ms. Hale, realize Nightwing is dying from the poison, Condor flies Dick back to the Condor base.

Ms. Hale's team nurse Nightwing back to health. She offers him a place with her team of Condors, who are armored-up reconnaissance agents. He declines, but he admits that he could use a set of armor if he's going to go up against those gas-equipped Knights again. Ms. Hale's team comes up with something custom made for Nightwing.

Nightwing Armor
(Photo: DC Comics)

Nightwing uses the armor to go up against the Blood Knights again. This time he's successful and even takes down Blockbuster, though he refuses to use the gun packed in his armor. Nightwing is still determined to do this his way, which is why he gives back the armor and refuses to join the Condors. The last page of the issue suggests that Ms. Hale hasn't given up on recruiting Nightwing yet.

What do you think of Nightwing's armor? Let us know in the comments. Nightwing Annual #3 is on sale now.

Nightwing Annual #3
(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Scott Godlewski (CA) Howard Porter

Dick Grayson has been many things in his life-Robin, agent of Spyral, even Batman...but will he have a choice when the Condors try to recruit him for their cause? And will they take no for an answer? A thrilling, high-octane adventure awaits over the skies of Gotham City!

In Shops: Jun 17, 2020
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