Todd McFarlane to Receive Guinness World Records Certificate for Spawn

With Spawn #301, Todd McFarlane Todd McFarlane will officially earn the Guinness World Record for [...]

With Spawn #301, Todd McFarlane Todd McFarlane will officially earn the Guinness World Record for the longest-running creator-owned superhero comic book series, Spawn. "Any record that is based on longevity, is made on the backs of dozens of people," McFarlane said in a press release. "As much as I am proud to be receiving this award, I gratefully accept it on behalf of all those who helped me the past 27 years on this journey." Fans can witness Todd McFarlane receive his certificate at New York Comic Con. The ceremony will be taking place on Saturday, October 5th during McFarlane's panel, The Road to Historic Spawn #301, taking place in Room #1A10 from 5:45- 6:45 P.M.

"I'm incredibly honored to be presenting this Gunness World Records title to Todd McFarlane in honor of Spawn #301 at an event that celebrates creators with such enthusiasm," said Claire Elise Stephens, the Guinness adjudicator who will present the certificate. "Todd McFarlane displays immense passion, a key value of our mission and this achievement is a recognition of Todd's nearly three-decade career."

Spawn was first published in 1992 by Image Comics and sold over 1.7 million copies. Since its debut, Spawn has been published in 12 languages and sold in 37 countries. It was adapted into an Emmy Award-winning animated series on HBO and a live-action feature film that grossed $100 million.

McFarlane is commemorating the record-setting issue by writing and drawing a part of it. "I'm taking over 301, not necessarily coming back for 30 issues in a row," McFarlane told in June. "Me drawing 301, was that part of the grand plan? Absolutely. To me, in my brain, I know if I can only draw one issue, it has to be the record-setter. Maybe I'm just too close to it and emotionally attached to it, but 301 has more significance to me than 300. 300 is a great comic book number, but 301 to me is sort of the emotional moment of saying, 'I'm still driving this car. I'm still here.' I go, 'Yeah who could I get that would be perfect to make 301?' Especially now when you have people paying attention to it. I go, 'There's only one dude,' so I had to have a talk with, oh, 'Todd, get your act together, it's time to do it.'"

Are you excited about the record-setting Spawn #301? Will you be at McFarlane's panel at New York Comic Con? Let us know in the comments. Spawn #301 goes on sale October 9th.