Venom Writer Donny Cates Teases Grotesque Symbiote Spider-Man Could Become Canon

There was once a time when Marvel teased the arrival of the ultimate symbiote, one that'd put both [...]

There was once a time when Marvel teased the arrival of the ultimate symbiote, one that'd put both Venom and Carnage to shame. Named Bile, the "cannibalistic madman with the proportionate strength and grotesque eating habits of a spider" first appeared in an epilogue of sorts in Marvel Year-In-Review '93. Now, it seems Donny Cates wants to bring the character back and actually make the Spidey villain full-on canon.

The fan-favorite writer responded to an inquiry Sunday night about the aforementioned entry, which also managed to find its way into Venomnibus Vol. 1. According to Cates, he's thought about the character since being just a wee little lad — so it's totally a possibility!

As of late, Cates — writer behind Venom, Redneck, God Country, and more top-selling titles — has been all about introducing new characters into the fray. Earlier this month, the comic creator (sort of) officially announced a new project alongside frequent collaborator Ryan Stegman. Tentatively titled Bad Kids, the new universe of creator-owned characters is coming to Image Comics sometime later this year.

"We hope to do a bunch of these episodes, creating a new story right in front of your eyes. See how the process of creativity in comics works. It can't REPLACE comics in these times, but it can be a testament to the magic of comics and stories. We hope," Stegman wrote.

"The tentative title of this new universe is "BAD KIDS". Could be a placeholder. All of it is malleable at this point," Stegman wrote. "It's the seed of an idea. We don't have much figured out other than an initial concept. That's the fun of it. This is building a story from the ground up!"

It should be noted the "fake" characters introduced in those bonkers Year-in-Review pieces have managed to pop up in Marvel Comics lore before. At one point, Red Hulk popped up in the tidbits, though he looked vastly different from the version that eventually debuted.