A Spider-Man Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice

A Spider-Man has made the ultimate sacrifice in the pages of JJ Abrams’ Spidey story. [...]

A Spider-Man has made the ultimate sacrifice in the pages of JJ Abrams' Spidey story. "Bloodline" has focused on Peter Parker's life after the traumatic loss of his wife Mary Jane Watson at the beginning of the book. Now, Ben Parker actually has to figure out how to save his father and defeat Cadaverous in the ultimate chapter of this story. Peter is no stranger to making the big heroic sacrifice in a moment of darkness. So, it shouldn't come as any surprise that the elder Spider-Man opted to help his kid in a rough spot. But, there is a lot of plot ground to cover when racing toward the conclusion to "Bloodline." Ben had to have a long journey to understand his powers and the necessity of using those abilities to help others. After all, isn't the core of Spider-Man, "With great power comes great responsibility?" *Spoiler Warning down below for Spider-Man #5*

So, Ben has to rescue his father, who has been stripped of his radioactive Spider-Blood. That sample has been used to craft an antidote for Cadaverous' partner. Hoping to morph her back from a very creepy spider monster. Of course, Ben slips out using quips to get the villain off-balance. A friendly member of the henchman leads him to the roof before Iron Man saves them both. Then on to rescue Peter, who is trapped in a web. A big battle kicks off with Iron Man and Ironheart trying to defeat the monster. Before everything can conclude, Peter Parker opts to inject the henchman with the vial, revealing that Mary Jane was actually the strange mutant helping Ben the entire time. Unfortunately, the original Spider-Man has to save his family by pushing them out of harm's way during an explosion. It's a pretty heroic end for a man whose life was very complicated in this book.

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Henry Abrams and his father sounded supremely stoked to be undertaking this dramatic vision of Spider-Man when the book was announced. They told fans how the collaboration came to fruition.

Nick Lowe, the editor of this comic, reached out about 10 years ago," Henry said near the series' announcement. "More recently we began to develop an idea: a new and different and exciting take on Spider-Man."

"Nick had been pressing me to do a book with him," Abrams chimed in. "A year or so ago, I started talking about it with Henry and it sort of happened organically. And that has been the joy of this. Even though I've been talking to Nick for a long time, weirdly, this feels like it just sort of evolved from the conversations of Henry and I, having ideas that got us excited and Nick being open to the collaboration."

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