Engraving On Wonder Woman's Sword In Batman V Superman Revealed

Wonder Woman Sword
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice features an insane amount of diminutive details that you would most likely never notice during the course of a film, some of which can be found in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual.

(Photo: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual)

One such detail is the inscription that is found on Wonder Woman's (Gal Gadot) sword and shield. Director Zack Synder and Doug Harlocker spoke to a linguist and came up with a new language, all so they could inscribe a phrase from Joseph Campbell's book Goddesses: Mystery of the Feminine Divine. Snyder really liked the quote, and so had it etched into the blade.

When translated, the quote states: "Life is killing all the time and so the goddess kills herself in the sacrifice of her own animal."

Damn. That's deep.

You'll also notice the eagle that is on the upper part of the word. Snyder wanted this on the sword in honor of her costume. You've got to appreciate just how much work goes into these things that 90% of the audience will never see.

via Digital Spy