DC Announces 'Flash War,' Pitting Barry Allen Against Wally West in 2018

In 2018, the big story in The Flash will be "Flash War," which pits Barry Allen against the original Wally West.

The project was announced during DC's Metal & New Age of Heroes panel at New York Comic Con, where The Flash writer Joshua Williamson polled the audience as to which was better, and it came out fairly evenly split.

"Let's see who's the best Flash: is it Barry, or is it Wally?" said Williamson, teasing that the "Flash War" storyline will find out.

"It's me and Howard Porter starting in Flash #46," Williamson told the audience. "In January, we have an annual coming out that's a prelude to 'Flash War,' but starting in Flash 46, we go into 'Flash War.'"

Williamson is contributing to the Dark Nights: Metal event, with Batman: The Red Death and then chapters in the upcoming "Bats Out of Hell" storyline, which will pit the evil Batmen of the Dark Multiverse against their Justice League counterparts.

At the panel, DC shared an image from the Flash Annual that featured Wally West in his Rebirth costume, looking forlornly down at a costume in each hand: his Kid Flash costume and his pre-Flashpoint Flash costume.